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Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, mine, airspace, paper-making, electronic, metallurgy etc. Special size and specification are available according to customers requirement.


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Specification of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Plain & Twill Weave

Specification of s.s. wire mesh Wire dia.(mm) Note of stainless steel wire mesh
1meshx1mesh 2.5 Stainless steel crimped wire mesh(wire cloth)
2meshx2mesh 1.8
3meshx3mesh 1.6
4meshx4mesh 1.0
7meshx7mesh 0.81
8meshx8mesh 10
10meshx10mesh 0.81
12meshx12mesh 0.71
14meshx14mesh 0.71 Stainless steel wire mesh(wire cloth),plain weave
Material: 304
20meshx20mesh 0.35
30meshx30mesh 0.30
40meshx40mesh 0.23
50meshx50mesh 0.20
60meshx60mesh 0.15
80meshx80mesh 0.12
100meshx100mesh 0.10
120meshx120mesh 0.08
150meshx150mesh 0.06
160meshx160mesh 0.06 Stainless steel wire mesh(wire cloth): twill weave
Material:316 & 316L
180meshx180mesh 0.053
200meshx200mesh 0.053
250meshx250mesh 0.04
280meshx280mesh 0.04
300meshx300mesh 0.04
325meshx325mesh 0.035
350meshx350mesh 0.03
400meshx400mesh 0.03
500meshx500mesh 0.025
Width for stainless steel wire mesh:0.6M~1.5M.

The same mesh can be weaved with various wire diameter.

The main filter media includes s.s.sintered fiber web and s.s.wire woven cloth. Stainless steel sintered fiber web is the products of Bekaert Fiber Technologies( Belgium).